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- Since 2011 -

Elite Dairy Industrial Additives

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It is our mission to provide the food industry tailor-made Elite Dairy Industrial Additives
Our knowledge and the extremely high control of milk components is our core business
Eldia Functional Ingredients are produced under our own brand name ELDILAC
Eldia staff, biotechnology experts, will help you to master your applications
By using ELDILAC Functional Ingredients your product will exceed your expectations

Eldia is devoted to innovation and quality!
Our mission
Our products

Eldia provides a full range of tailor-made Dairy Products for all sectors of the food industry with key focus on fermented products.

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Unique and revolutionary solutions

Eldia's dedicated team of specialists deliver unique and revolutionary products to our clients.


Eldia offers full technical support throughout the development process, from initial concept to final product.

Innovation and

Eldia's products guarantee an effective and constructive partnership with regard to innovation, quality and consistency.


ELDILAC products are always in compliance with all relevant quality certifications.

Our partners
About us
Eldia was founded in 2011 by 4 Dairy experts. Each partner carries more than thirty years of experience in the Dairy Industry. We have thorough understanding of the interactions in the field of Functional Ingredients. Eldia is working with our clients as tactical and strategic partners, to create and execute innovative, customized Dairy Solutions which address our clients’ most expected needs. There is an unlimited desire to break new grounds to the benefit of our customers. A combination of reliability, flexibility and very high quality is the foundation of Eldia’s success.
About us
Our partners
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Member of the Krüger Group



Member of the ICL Group

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